Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL

Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL

Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL have been providing exquisitely Pizza products for the finest hotels, country clubs, restaurants and specialty stores in Florida. Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL is a family owned and operated business.
We are widely known for our original recipe pizza, pastries, cookies pies, and signature breads. Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL products are prepared in the finest Jewish tradition, using the highest quality ingredients and executed with Jewish trained, technical expertise.
In addition, our consistent and personalized service meets the demands of our most exacting customers. When looking for quality without compromise and service you can rely upon, look no further. Let Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL be your main source for your entire Pizza specialty needs.
Decorated in a gold cream color scheme, Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL is set in a modern atmosphere with a touch of Jewish ambiance. Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL has a strong neighborhood following, and also attracts many out-of-town visitors who take advantage of the warm weather and hot location. The restaurant is distinctive because it is so much more than meets the eye. You walk in thinking South West food but you find a variety of international dishes that will engage both your eyes and your appetite. The owners believe that in order to make a restaurant a success, you must strive to set yourself apart from the crowd and be unique. One of the ways they have added enticement is by serving 6 complimentary fresh house salads to your table with all entrees. –
Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL has developed in response to the high demand of our client’s requests and desires for a high end kosher caterer. It is our goal to take kosher cuisine and make it fresh, innovative, creative and exciting while being aware of the local glatt kosher supervision provided to us. We are taking what we are doing now and incorporating it into kosher cuisine under the highest level of supervision.
Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL believes that a passion for food is at the base of every event. An accomplished culinary team of inventive chefs continually rises above the expectations of each client’s palette with menus that present engaging flavors in an artful presentation of kosher dinning.
Whether large or small, grand and glorious, intimate and quaint, our staff provides the utmost in unique exotic cuisine.

For all Ft. Lauderdale, Florida residents looking for kosher restaurants, try Kosher Restaurant Hollywood FL. We are located in Hollywood, Fl, fairly close to the Ft. Lauderdale area and we offer a wide range of kosher frozen yogurt, salad bar, kitchen and cafe products.

Our self-serve frozen yogurt at Kosher Restaurant Hollywood FL  features 18 flavors of the highest quality ingredients including Cholov Israel yogurt. There are also 30 kosher toppings to choose from so that you can enjoy a sweet and healthy treat, with frozen yogurt that are low-fat and have no sugar added. We also provide blended smoothies and cold drinks for those days that need refreshment.

We welcome Ft. Lauderdale residents to visit Kosher Restaurant Hollywood FL . We also offer sushi and cafe items such as freshly baked muffins and cookies. For healthy and quick meals, we also offer a salad bar and fruit sides. We also have a full kitchen that offers wraps, pasta dishes, pizzas and other great entrees.

Again, we encourage Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, FL residents to come try our delicious and delectable treats. There is also an online ordering service on our website for all of our cafe and frozen yogurt food options.